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Type of Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing machine

Type of Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing machine

01 plate guillotine shears machine with special capacity
It work together with other equipment.Such as hydraulic bending machine,press brakes,rolling machine, hydraulic press.
Hydraulic guillotine Shearing machine
It is used to complete for special purpose:
a, Cold bending forming wire shearing cutting machine: such as cold bending line auto longeron production, car side platens production, steel molding line production. Etc.
b, steel structure production steel plate shears: used in Angle steel, h-beam, cutting process;

c, Steel flat wire hydraulic guillotine shearing machine: it is used for steel open-book leveling lines, It is cooperating with production line speed shearing requirements, It is a high speed shearing machine, he is a high-speed hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, It can also be a pneumatic steel plate shears;He is equipped with a high shear rate, continuous production, high efficiency.

02 Hydraulic guillotine Shearing machine with Oblique edge blade or knife
Steel plate hydraulic guillotine shears machine is with an Angle between upper and lower blade, generally upper blade is tilted, Slope Angle is 1 ° to 6 °.Inclined plate shears blade

shear force is smaller than flat blade shears, so his motor power is smaller,machine weight is less., most of hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is this kind of machine.

03 Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine with flat blade

Advantage: shear cutting quality is good.Distortion is small, but shear cutting force is big, big energy consumption. It is with a lot of mechanical transmission. Upper and lower blade is parallel,
It is used for billet and slab cutting, two kinds of shear mode. one is on the cutting type shearing machine, another one is incised type shearing machine.
04 Bending and shearing machine
1, combined punching and shearing machine: he can complete plate shear, he can profile to shear, bending, punching. We called it hydraulic iron worker. Or punch and shear machine,
2, sheet metal sheet cutting and bending machine: shearing and bending can be completed on one machine.


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