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Hydraulic guillotine operation manual guard

Hydraulic guillotine operation manual guard

First: read carefully
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" forging equipment operation " requirement. 

Second: Complete following provisions: 

1, Steps before hydraulic guillotine working 
1), Shearing test before air operation, manual operation of one working stroke to start device after confirming it is ok . 
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2), Hydraulic guillotine is with hydraulic device. Workers check adequacy of oil storage tanks. After starting pump. Worker need to check valves, piping for leaks, pressure should meet requirements. 

2, hydraulic guillotine working situation

1), Hydraulic guillotine is not allowed to cut multiple layers sheet. It is not allowed to cut edges of metal sheet. 
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Hydraulic guillotine pressure is not allowed to cut. tight narrow and short-sheet.

2), hydraulic guillotine blade gap. It is by thickness of sheet, but most blade gap shall not exceed 1/30 of plate thickness. Blades should be securely fastened, Upper and lower blade parallel to board, ,

to avoid accidents. 

3), hydraulic guillotine blades should be kept sharp edge, such as blunt edge or crack phenomenon, it should be replaced. 

4) When hydraulic guillotine cutting shears, pressing device should be firmly pressed sheet metal, it is not allowed to be cut. If pressure not tight state. 

5), Hydraulic guillotine is with hydraulic shears device, All hydraulic valve not allowed adjusted without permission.

6),Hydraulic guillotine tilting, clipboard material thickness should be based on " ultimate strength and sheet thickness relationship graph" to determine. 

3, after hydraulic guillotine shearing blades work . It should fall on lowest position. 

Workers wear tight-fitting protective clothing before operate hydraulic guillotine.
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Beside machine may not start to wear off clothes or cloth around in body, to prevent machine twisting injury. Workers must wear a helmet, braids should be placed inside cap, may not wear skirts, slippers. 

operator must be familiar with hydraulic guillotine structure, properties and use. 

Hydraulic guillotine shearing material suitable for a variety of thickness of machine rated steel, copper, aluminum sheet metal and non-metallic materials, and must be no hard marks, welding slag, slag, weld material, does not allow super thickness. 

Use hydraulic guillotine: In accordance with thickness of material being cut, blade gap adjustment; according to width of cut is adjusted by mold material or fixture; shearing operation before first make air

travel 1-3 times normal post before implementation Cut work. 

Found use of hydraulic guillotine is not running properly, you should immediately shut off power to check. 

When adjusting shears must cut off power, moving parts, should pay attention to safety of hand. 

Hydraulic guillotine ministries should be kept lubricated, class should operatives filling oil once every six months by a mechanic for a rolling bearing parts of filling oil.


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