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CZ Purlin Rolling Machine

  • CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine
CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine can produce C and Z profiles. Produce the C and Z purlin by exchange one side of the roller up and down. Greatly improved the production efficiency and save the working space. The driving way is chain drive.  Our C / Z channel purlin roll forming machine can be profile custom, and are lower cost, high efficiency, reliable working ,low energy consumption. We can do any type of equipment according to customer requirements.

Technical Specifications:

1. Equipment feeding direction: left into the right out.

2. Voltage parameters 380,50Hz, 3 phase.

3. Gas source: flow rate of 0.5m3 / min; pressure of 0.7MPa.

4. Hydraulic oil: 46 # hydraulic oil.

5. Gear oil: 18 # hyperbolic gear oil.

6. Rolled strip width: ≤ 300 mm

7. Rolled strip steel material: Q235

8. Production speed: 10 ~ 20 m / min

9. Rolling workpiece length: custom

Production process:

Discharge → leveling → cold forming → tracking cut off (hydraulic cut off) → receipt
Product specifications
1. Product specification:
a. C width (80-300mm), Z width (120-300mm) step-less changeable
b. Flange (40-80mm) step-less changeable
c. Edge (10-20mm)
d. Thickness (1.5-3.0mm) changeable
2. Production capacity: high speed 25m/min (depends on punching work frequency)

3. Material: Q195, Q235 hot-rolled black or galvanized steel strips (1.5-3.0mm)

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